KarmSolar to launch solar grid in Marsa Alam distributing 10MW

KarmSolar to launch solar grid in Marsa Alam distributing 10MW

KarmSolar, one of Egypt’s largest private solar energy companies, has become the first private company to receive a permit to distribute electricity in Marsa Alam by EgyptERA. Subsequent to the permit award, KarmSolar launched the Marsa Alam Solar Grid, a first-of-its-kind regional energy solution that aims to power resorts across Marsa Alam.

In Phase 1 of the Marsa Alam Solar Grid, KarmSolar has received a permit to distribute to North Marsa Alam resorts: Marsa Shagra Resort, The Oasis, Wadi Sabbara, Equinox 3 Corners, and Solidaire Resorts. KarmSolar has already applied for the Phase 2 permit from EgyptERA which will add the Marriott Ayoun Misr, which is currently under development, to the North Marsa Alam Solar Grid. Phase 3 of the project will establish the South Marsa Alam Solar Grid including resorts Azure Wadi Lahmy, and Lahami Bay Resort among other locations.

“The Marsa Alam Solar Grid provides a valuable opportunity to previously off-grid resorts in the area to enjoy the benefits of solar energy and grid-connection without having to invest millions upfront. We’re looking forward to expanding the project in Marsa Alam, and we are already exploring new Solar Grid opportunities around Egypt. Marsa Alam is a thriving sea-side region, and one of the most renowned scuba-diving destinations around the world. We’re proud to be among the organizations investing in the infrastructure of this unique corner of Egypt. KarmSolar will continue its mission to offer sustainable, fully integrated solar energy and water desalination solutions, with the objective of powering and sustainably empowering communities across Egypt,” Ahmed Zahran, co-founder and CEO at KarmSolar, said.

Connecting to the national grid and utilizing solar energy will provide participating resorts with much more economical, reliable, and environmental electricity without the high upfront investment, empowering the resorts to maintain more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

“One of my dreams for Marsa Shagra was to stop using diesel generators because they are horrible for the environment. I dreamt of using a renewable energy source that is sustainable and accessible. The Marsa Alam Solar Grid project also is very economical, especially considering the national grid connection. We are grateful to the state for extending the national grid to Marsa Alam. Grid-power costs us half of what electricity from diesel generators used to us, and coupled with solar energy from KarmSolar, our energy setup is cost-effective and optimized,” Hossam Helmy, Founder of Red Sea Diving Safari (Marsa Shagra Resort), said.

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