Kitopi, UAE’s cloud kitchen operator, acquires AWJ Investments

Kitopi, UAE’s cloud kitchen operator, acquires AWJ Investments

Kitopi, a tech-powered multi-brand restaurant, acquired AWJ, an F&B holding group. AWJ is behind delivery and dine-in brands such as Operation Falafel, Catch 22, Awani, Sushi Do among others.

The acquisition comes as part of Kitopi’s strategy to invest in and grow regional brands and take them global. AWJ will also benefit from Kitopi’s pioneering tech SKOS (Smart Kitchen Operating System), one of the founding factors for the company’s early success.

“With a purpose to satisfy the world’s appetite to create joy, we always strive to bring the best to our customers. To this end, we are incredibly proud to have acquired AWJ and its portfolio of brands. The co-founders and leaders of AWJ have done a remarkable job in building its iconic brands and growing them across borders – and it will be a privilege to continue to innovate, elevate and expand its success,” Mohamad Ballout, CEO and Co-founder of Kitopi, said.

Kitopi was founded in January 2018 as a cloud kitchen operator and now defines itself as a tech-powered, multi-brand restaurant with over 100 brands across 5 markets. The startup also raised $300 million last year in a Series C round.

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