Land freight platform TruKKer expands to Poland and Kazakhstan

Land freight platform TruKKer expands to Poland and Kazakhstan

TruKKer, MENA’s largest land freight platform, expands to Poland and Kazakhstan to establish trade lanes across and from Turkey to the EU and CIS.

“Poland and Kazakhstan are strategically located along the Belt and Road route at the crossroads of Eurasia. Poland’s convenient transportation, low freight costs, and high logistics performance index, which ranks 28th globally, provide favorable conditions for TruKKer to access European supply. And Kazakhstan acts as the circulatory system & regional hub of the surrounding economies, powered by its trade arteries spread across Eastern, Western Europe, and Central Asia,” Gaurav Biswas, Founder & CEO of TruKKer, said.

Saudi-based TruKKer was founded in 2016 and is digitizing MENA’s goods flow on the major trade lanes. TruKKer closed a $100M Series C earlier this year.

“We’re already operating active haulages in the MENA markets. The opportunity in EU and CIS lanes are exciting and we plan to partner with digital marketplaces and also invest in the region while the EU is facing certain economic challenges. We plan to build a strong business during a downturn,” Pradeep M, Co-Founder & CTO, said.

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