US-based Unlearn.AI Secures USD50 Million in Series C Funding

US-based Unlearn.AI Secures USD50 Million in Series C Funding
Charles Fisher, Unlearn’s founder and CEO
  • Unlearn.AI, a US-based AI firm, secures USD50 million in Series C funding led by Altimeter Capital, supported by existing investors Radical Ventures, Wittington Ventures, Mubadala Capital, Epic Ventures, and Necessary Venture Capital.
  • The funding aims to propel Unlearn’s mission of revolutionizing medicine through AI, focusing on eliminating trial and error in clinical studies. Key areas of focus include personnel enhancement, data capabilities, engineering, and long-term research and development initiatives.
  • Established in 2017, Unlearn has been pioneering innovative AI solutions for clinical trials, tackling challenges such as lengthy timelines, slow enrollment, and participant hesitancy towards placebos.

Unlearn, an AI firm crafting digital replicas of clinical trial participants to expedite studies, unveils a $50M Series C round spearheaded by Altimeter Capital, accompanied by previous backers Radical Ventures, Wittington Ventures, Mubadala Capital, Epic Ventures, and Necessary Venture Capital. 

This infusion of capital aims to propel the company’s mission of advancing AI to eradicate trial and error in medicine, channeling resources into personnel, data, engineering capabilities, and long-term R&D initiatives.

Established in 2017 as an AI research entity, Unlearn has consistently led the charge in developing innovative AI-driven solutions for clinical trials. 

With over $130M raised over seven years, Unlearn’s technology tackles significant clinical research hurdles like protracted timelines, sluggish enrollment, and participant reticence over potential placebo administration.

Charles Fisher, Unlearn‘s founder and CEO, said, “Pharmaceutical companies invest billions annually in clinical research, yet remain cautious about transformative technologies.” He emphasizes the importance of breaking barriers and demonstrating the value of digital twin technology. This financing round will fuel team expansion and capability diversification into additional therapeutic domains to enhance awareness and value proposition.

In the last decade, the clinical research sector has witnessed the introduction of advanced solutions to tackle pressing challenges, albeit within regulatory constraints. Unlearn, since its inception, has collaborated with regulatory experts and secured qualifications from the European Medicines Agency and FDA, ensuring adherence to prevailing guidelines.

Pauline Yang, Partner at Altimeter Capital, praises Unlearn’s efforts to streamline and enhance clinical research efficiency, aiming to diminish participant numbers and costs while ameliorating outcomes for pharmaceutical partners.

Rob Toews, Partner at Radical Ventures, lauds Unlearn’s innovative application of AI, revolutionizing clinical trials and hastening the delivery of life-changing therapeutics to patients.

With this funding round, Altimeter joins existing investors in bolstering Unlearn’s endeavors, underscoring its pivotal role in transforming clinical trial dynamics and optimizing drug development processes.  

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