Saudi-based Nabataty Raises Funding From Al Bustan Nurseries for 10% Equity

Saudi-based Nabataty Raises Funding From Al Bustan Nurseries for 10% Equity

•   Al Bustan Nurseries company acquires a 10% equity stake in Nabataty, a specialized online platform for selling ornamental and indoor plants, as well as gifting solutions.

•  The acquisition by Al Bustan Nurseries, established in 1983, reflects its strategic expansion into indoor and outdoor ornamental plant markets.

•  Nabataty, established in 2018, plans to leverage the funding to expand its services across various regions and sectors, particularly focusing on its growing gifting services to tap into new markets and customer segments.

Al Bustan Nurseries company announced it obtained a 10% equity in Nabataty, the specialized electronic platform for selling ornamental plants, indoor plants, and gifting solutions, according to media reports.

According to Al Bustan Nurseries, founded in 1983, the acquisition aligns with its strategy to expand in the field of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. 

The acquisition is seen as a form of leveraging technology to reach end-users, as expressed by the company.

Nabataty was established in 2018 and provides its services through its online store in central, eastern, and western regions. It aims to expand soon to many other areas alongside providing services to both the private and government sectors.

Nabataty adds that its gifting services have recently grown to constitute a significant portion of its customers’ orders, which will help it enter new markets, contributing to increased growth opportunities and reaching new segments of users.

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