LooliaCloset & SohatiCare expand their e-commerce platforms to Egypt

LooliaCloset & SohatiCare expand their e-commerce platforms to Egypt

SohatiCare and LooliaCloset are expanding into the Egyptian market to offer a new experience of e-commerce based on innovation and customer care excellence. The e-commerce platforms specialise in beauty and skincare.

LooliaCloset is an influencer-driven beauty e-commerce platform for makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrances. The platform enables influencers and experts to list their preferred selections of products in digital closets and creates special moments and activations for followers to benefit from.

SohatiCare is an online pharmacy offering beauty, wellness and personal care products and addressing all concerns related to skin and hair. SohatiCare offers free consultations on skin and hair supported by a dedicated team of experts and healthcare professionals.

All products on both sites are authentic, certified, purchased from their accredited distributors and approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. Currently, both LooliaCloset and SohatiCare are operating in Lebanon and Jordan, serving more than 100,000 customers and cumulating sales of more than 300,000 products per year.

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