LUNCH:ON Expands from Corporate Lunches to Residential Meals and Changes Name to MUNCH:ON

LUNCH:ON Expands from Corporate Lunches to Residential Meals and Changes Name to MUNCH:ON
Source: Wamda

LUNCH:ON, one of the region’s fastest growing food delivery apps, has expanded its offering from corporate lunches, to bring its signature 25 AED lunches to residential locations across all meal times. To reflect this expansion in offering, the company has also announced it has changed its name to MUNCH:ON.

“We are proud to announce this evolution of our offering and company name, and have done so with one core focus – using restaurant downtime and order consolidation to make our restaurant partners more efficient and bring meals to people at a fraction of their original cost”, said Dana Baki, co-founder of MUNCH:ON.

Popular for offering meals from some of the best restaurants at 25 AED and no delivery fees, MUNCH:ON has always been focused on value and affordability, and had planned to expand its offering past corporate lunches. The onslaught of the COVID-19 crisis, however, expedited these plans, and the company quickly pivoted to offer its discounted services to residential areas in the UAE, across all meal times, to meet the expanding consumer need for value and cost-savings. Research conducted by MUNCH:ON found that 67.5% of respondents had changed their food ordering habits to save money in the wake of the crisis.

Given the company’s mission to ensure everyone can enjoy delicious and affordable meals, MUNCH:ON also put out a call last week to its users, offering all those that had lost their job due to the economic impact of COVID, one month free PRO membership. “We are living in a different world today, but our mission has not changed – we have a responsibility to ensure that our customers can continue to access affordable meals, wherever they are, and especially if they have been hit hard by the crisis,” added co-founder Mohammad Al Zaben.

More About MUNCH:ON

MUNCH:ON was created in 2016 due to the founders’, Mohammed Al Zaben, Dana Baki and Awn Ali’s frustration with their daily battle to get fresh, delicious, and affordable meals delivered. Meals were overpriced, delivery charges expensive, and ordering took too long– they therefore designed a product to solve for all of these issues that has taken the UAE and Saudi Arabia by storm.

“Our best-in-class tech and proprietary scheduling algorithm enables economies of scale for restaurants, thus unlocking savings and value for users,” added co-founder Awn Ali, “our technology and business model enables restaurants to be more efficient while ensuring users see the meals they want, when they want them and at a significant discount”. “We got a lot of requests from our regular customers to enlist on LUNCH:ON, and so we joined them, and we are really glad we did. We were able to reach a much larger audience, more efficiently, and our customers love the convenience of it. We are very excited to partner with them as MUNCH:ON now across all meals and locations” added Khaled Fadly, Managing Partner of the popular restaurant, Poke & Co.

With a MUNCH:ON PRO membership, customers can unlock 25 AED lunches and 29 AED dinners with no delivery fees from the best restaurants in the city, often a 40-50% discount versus other aggregators. Yearly, MUNCH:ON PRO users save around 4,000 AED or more depending on how many times they order, and the company’s genuine dedication to its users has gotten the app a loyal following. “I love LUNCH:ON! For more than two years, they’ve made my lunch options simpler, healthier and cheaper. Beyond my own convenience, their efforts to support the community through their Gulf for Good campaign and doing home deliveries at a time when the UAE was homebound makes me proud to support them and excited to see what they do as MUNCH:ON”, added Jandré Nieuwoudt, a user of the platform.

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