Mawani signs $170m contracts to build new berths at Jeddah’s Islamic Port

Mawani signs $170m contracts to build new berths at Jeddah’s Islamic Port

Mawani, The Saudi Ports Authority, signed two contracts with contractors PC Marine Services and Modern Building Leaders (MBL) in consortium with HutaHegerfeld Saudia Ltd, to deepen and build new berths at Jeddah Islamic Port with a total investment of SAR642 million which accounts for almost $170 million.

Mawani aims to accelerate growth in the maritime transport and logistics industry and drive a transformative shift in port operations by implementing over 160 projects.

This is part of its initiatives to develop a sustainable maritime sector to position Saudi Arabia as a global logistics hub connecting three major continents in line with the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS). 

The contract with MBL in association with Huta Hegerfeld Saudia Ltd will enable the arrival of vessels that hold a capacity of up to 24,000 TEUs enhancing the port’s capability and attracting new global shipping lines to Saudi’s shores.

The contract with PC Marine Services, new berths will be built at the multi-cargo terminals to receive bulk grain carriers, accommodate larger vessels to cover Saudi’s market demand, secure Saudi’s grain reserves through higher imports, and boost overall food security through the Jeddah Islamic Port.

Saudi Arabia recently launched five new renewable energy projects to produce electricity with the use of renewable energy, as part of the fourth phase of Saudi Arabia’s National Renewable Energy Program projects, which is supervised by Saudi’s Ministry of Energy.

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