MENA’s on-demand car service Cafu expands to Canada with EV charging solution

MENA’s on-demand car service Cafu expands to Canada with EV charging solution

Cafu, the MENA’s on-demand car service, announces its expansion into Canada, according to a company’s press release. 

Cafu’s EV charging solution aims to support users with no access to home charging, the company added in its statement.

The mobile EV charging solution technology not only expands charging options for EV drivers but will also promote easy adoption in the future. The Cafu truck can travel to recharge the vehicle on demand – enabling a seamless journey for the customer.

Cafu’s new innovative service will allow car owners in Quebec to charge their cars with a simple tap of a button, boosting access to charging infrastructure.

“The UAE has created an environment where our business not only started but also grew. We are humbled to be able to take our homegrown services from Dubai to the world, starting with Canada. Our expansion into a new international market is a bold step towards growth and success as we bring our mobile EV charging solution to North America,” said Rashid Al Ghurair, Founder and CEO of Cafu.

Evolving from a fleet of 20 trucks in 2018, it became the technology platform of choice for all vehicle services, Cafu increased its fleet size by approximately 41 percent in the past year.

Cafu saw a 19 percent increase in its customer base over the last year and added 70 additional trucks to its fleet, which resulted in a slight increase in emissions of 10% from 2021.

Al Ghurair said: “This is just the beginning of our journey, as we grow our footprint regionally and globally, and sustainability and clean energy will remain at the core of our business. Our understanding of tomorrow’s mobility requirements has grown due to forward-thinking businesses and ever-changing consumer behavior. We are looking forward to contributing to a more sustainable future while delivering value to our customers.”

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