MOTOR launches an electric car-sharing platform in UAE

MOTOR launches an electric car-sharing platform in UAE

MOTOR announces the launch of its electric vehicle car-sharing platform in the UAE, aligning with its efforts to reduce the carbon footprint in the region.

The vehicle-sharing platform is best known for providing the premium car brand Tesla, specifically the Tesla 3 with plans to introduce Tesla Y as well, with renting periods beginning at one day and up to a full year.

“Our goal at MOTOR is not only to further accelerate the sustainable transition to EVs, but we also want to make sustainable mobility more accessible, affordable, and flexible,” Hamad AlMazrooei, Co-Founder of MOTOR, explained.

MOTOR plans to have further expanded its existence in the UAE market by the end of 2022, through introducing an electric-charging subscription-based platform and a charging network service.

Their existence in the UAE comes in line with the country’s efforts in enhancing the electric transport sector, to fullfill the vision of the ‘UAE Net Zero 2050’.

“Abu Dhabi continues to take decisive actions to promote electrification as a critical route to drive the energy transition and achieve the Emirate’s decarbonisation goals. It is a strategic step that will complement our existing regulations for EV charging stations and will create momentum for private investors to grow the network of electric charging units in the emirate,” said Awaidha Al Marar, Chairman of Abu Dhabi’s Department of Energy after setting a unified tarrif on EV charging last year.

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