The First Egyptian Electric Car Has Been Launched

The First Egyptian Electric Car  Has Been Launched
Source: Africa Tenderpreneur

The Egyptian Ministry of Public Enterprises has announced the launch of Egypt’s first electric car. The car is a joint venture between El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company and Chinese motor company, Dong Feng.

The streets of Egypt will be ready for these Egyptian-made electric cars in 2022. The company will be running trials to test the Chinese “E70” car and to judge its suitability to Egypt’s roads and climate. Additionally, teams are currently working on selecting proposed locations for electric charging stations, with the target of establishing about 3000 charging stations.

The new electric car has a fully charged car battery which can take passengers 400 km before it needs another charging session. There will be three types of chargers for the vehicle, with the fastest being able to charge a car in 30 to 40 minutes, while the slowest – a household charger – will have your car fully charged in approximately 6 hours.

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