Naqla, Egypt’s logistics platform, launches NAQLA Store with BNPL plans

Naqla, Egypt’s logistics platform, launches NAQLA Store with BNPL plans

Naqla, Egyptian trucking technology platform and marketplace connecting truck owners with cargo companies, launched the NAQLA Store. The store offers tires, batteries, lubricants, and spare parts to Egypt’s truck drivers.

Naqla’s core mission is to modernize and expand Egypt’s supply chain through technology by automating orders between shippers and drivers through its two main apps.

The store uses BNPL plans to aid financial planning for Egypt’s truckers, allowing drivers to pay at a later date, and account for any unplanned financial commitments. Purchasers have the option to pay upon receipt of their item, through cash on delivery or enter a balance deduction scheme if they have an electronic wallet set up with Naqla.

“Launching the NAQLA Store strengthens our offering to the industry to ensure that the trucking needs of both drivers and shippers are simplified. BNPL supports the 1.5 million strong Egyptian trucking community while maintaining business continuity. We can solidify our commitment to drivers by ensuring their financial stability as well as the safety and maintenance of their vehicles, which in turn assures the timeliness and effectiveness of deliveries,” Sherif Taher, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Naqla, said.

NAQLA Store’s stock is for both light and heavy vehicles and its range of tires are supplied in partnership with Ghataty, the official agent of Michelin in Egypt, along with many other suppliers. Distribution is available to all areas of Egypt with options to order online or offline and plans to continue expanding stock are in progress.

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