Neya and Wasla Partner to Campaign for Internet Accessibility

Neya and Wasla Partner to Campaign for Internet Accessibility

As global habits shift towards digital, internet users in Egypt are barely scratching the surface of what’s possible online due to the high costs of mobile data, limited storage space, and the lack of accessible payment options. Neya and Wasla are two Egyptian startups that have partnered to provide residents at shelters with Internet. 

Wasla will be utilizing its mobile credit rewarding capabilities to send shelters under Neya’s network with free mobile credit every month throughout 2021. Neya’s head of CSR Gabriella Thomas said: “Our partnership with Wasla aims to emphasize Neya’s vision and mission by empowering communities in need through collaboration”. Through the help of partner sponsors and general public funding, Neya and Wasla Browser will be sending each resident living within these shelters with 2 GBs worth of mobile credit on a monthly basis. By providing internet access to shelters they are opening the doors of the digital economy to an underprivileged community.

Mahmoud El Said, Wasla’s CEO and Co-Founder tells WAYA about why they are participating in the campaign. “We believe that basic access to online services creates social, economic, and personal growth. So the more digitally included the people are, the more secure and transparent the societies;  but until today more than one billion emerging markets internet users are just scratching the surface of what’s possible online due to high sensitivity to the cost of mobile data. We hope this partnership with NEYA will bring us one step closer towards fulfilling our vision,” he said. 

The campaign will run from February until December 2021. The startups hope to continue this project beyond 2021. However, this is dependent on donations. The more donations are made, the longer the campaign can go on, and more shelters will be reached. Their goal is to raise EGP 126,000.

Neya’s head of CSR, Gabriella Thomas says: “This project is a way of bridging the gap within the digital economy. Only through equal access can we start creating true inclusion and move forward as a society. The potential impact that this campaign will have on people’s individual lives is the driving force behind both Neya and Wasla’s passion for the cause.” 

You can donate to the campaign here: https://elneya.org/causes/wasla-x-neya/

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