No more page 3 of search, Google opts for continuous scrolling

No more page 3 of search, Google opts for continuous scrolling
Image Credits: Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Expanding on its existing mobile feature for U.S. users, Google has announced that it will introduce a ‘continuous scrolling’ feature for English-language queries on desktop.

Not to be confused with ‘infinite scrolling’, ‘continuous scrolling’ is when a page loads up to six pages of results before showing a ‘See More’ button. On mobile, however, Google has limited its results to only four pages of search.

The feature is expected to provide more visibility to websites that did not rank high enough to show up on the first page, evening the odds for a larger subset of products and services in organic search queries.

The change comes as users have taken to the internet to complain about Google search getting worse

Google has in fact been responding well to this criticism, introducing a more visual search and a section called “Discussions and Forums” that loads up results from Reddit and Quora.

The company is also paying more attention to desktop search, after years of focusing on mobile-first design, to suit the different needs of its users.

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