Pravica Raises $500,000 in a Pre-Seed Funding Round

Pravica Raises $500,000 in a Pre-Seed Funding Round
Mohamed Hussein Abdou founded Dmails in April 2019 and rebranded the company as Pravica in March 2020.

Cairo-based Pravica has raised $500,00 in a pre-seed round funding round. The round was led by 500 Startups with the participation of Modus Capital and DYRES Venture.

Mohamed Hussein Abdou founded Pravica (then Dmails) in April 2019. It is a blockchain-based startup that offers a decentralized email service. Abdou is a software engineer with 20 years of experience in information security and cryptography. He established Pravica because he noticed that emails were a consistent channel of communication used by billions. However, this communication medium lacks data security. Due to this security problem, he developed Pravica. Its technology is based on Blockchain technology which guarantees the highest security standards for corporates communicating via emails and other communication tools.

Pravica will use the funds to build its customer base and expand its team. In addition, it plans to accelerate product expansion by developing additional private communication tools. “With the new funding, we hope to further expand our offering with several value-added options and grow our footprint.” said Mohamed Hussein Abdou, founder and CEO of Pravica.

“At Pravica, our strategy is to guarantee full data privacy for the user. Developing a decentralized network on Blockchain was my passion and I have been able to successfully make that dream come true. Today, Blockstack has enabled us to rapidly expand our client base in a very short period of time and helped us scale to the next level with a solid and scalable Blockchain-based infrastructure.” said Abdou.

Sharif El-Badawi, Managing Partner MENA, at 500 Startups states: “Running email systems on blockchain technology like that of Dmails (Pravica) is becoming increasingly imperative to ensure data privacy and security.”

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If you see something out of place or would like to contribute to this story, check out our Ethics and Policy section.