Pstyled: Helping People Dress to Feel Better

Pstyled: Helping People Dress to Feel Better

Yasmina Nessim passed through a phase where she was feeling frustrated and unmotivated. It made her wonder: Am I dressing this way because I am in a bad mood? Or do I feel upset because I am dressing a certain way?

While most people might not think this way, Nessim’s Master’s Degree in the Psychology of Fashion means that she is aware of the way fashion affects human psychology. She is constantly considering the way that different colors bring out different emotions and how different outfits make us feel.

Nessim founded Pstyled based on her studies and her passion for fashion psychology. “Pstyled uses style creation to boost mood, increase productivity and inspire self-expression. Using the content of your own closet, Pstyled is designed to fashion outfits based on physical and psychological traits.” Nessim says to WAYA. The startup is powered by both AI and stylists trained in fashion psychology.

The company has two services, the most extensive of which costs EGP 3000. This service report provides clients with styling tips and elaborations, access to the Pstyled mobile app, and a free follow-up call. It consultation helps clients know themselves and their style better. In turn the report and Pstyled resources give clients the ability to optimize the wardrobe.

The company boomed with onset of Coronavirus and the business grew and expanded. The company had to evolve to provide online consultations for its clients.

“The future of the fashion industry in Egypt looks great in my opinion”, Nessim tells WAYA. She think that the Egyptian fashion industry has gone passed the simple concept of consumption of clothing. Designers are now integrating local and traditional ways of manufacturing clothing, taking into account the lifestyle of those who will be wearing the clothes.

In the future, Nessim plans to grow the P-Styled brand in order to make the most well-known company in the fashion psychology sphere regionally. Nessim plans to grow the team to develop an app that relies on AI so it can be available to clients around the clock. “This will allow us to interact with a larger audience, and spread the power of fashion psychology everywhere,” Yasmine says.

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