Rising Giants Network Raises a $1 Million Investment

Rising Giants Network Raises a $1 Million Investment

Founded less than a year ago, Dubai’s Rising Giants Network (RGN) is already making its mark on the still young podcast market in MENA. The podcast network has announced that it has scored an investment deal worth $1 million, raised from Triangle Media, angel investor, Said Al Sayyed and Barry Kirsch Productions.

Bashar Najjar, podcaster Basel Anabtawi and media expert, Barry Kirsch founded RGN. It produces podcasts in both English and Arabic and its content has been loitering around the top of the charts over the last few years. Some of its most popular shows included ‘Amalikat Al Tareek’ (Road Giants) hosted by F1 favourite, Firas Al Nimri; ‘Sehtak Aham’ (Better Health) with social media fitness influencer, Baraa Al Sabbagh; ‘Rihlat Al Mosara’a’ (Wrestling Ride) led by wrestling commentators, Faisal Al Meghaisib and Yusef Callaway; in addition to English-language show, ‘Legendary Rock Stories’.

While the Rising Giants Network hasn’t disclosed what exactly they will do with the fundin, they are intent to produce more content.

“With this investment, RGN is well placed to be the leading audio story-telling company in the region,” said co-founder and CEO, Bashar Najjar. “With a varied slate of shows in development, we’re confident that we can reach that goal and produce shows that will appeal to varied audience groups from all backgrounds.”

Citing Amazon’s $300 acquisition of podcast network, Wondery, by Amazon, as well as Spotify’s $100 million deal with ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, Najjar firmly believes that it’s only a matter of time before the MENA region catches up with the rest of the podcasting world.

“There is an engaged audience of nearly seven million people who are looking for top-notch shows to get into, and the time to invest in growing this base in the region is now.

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