Russia opens cases against Google over data storage

Russia opens cases against Google over data storage
Image Credits: Reuters

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor announced on Friday it had opened administrative cases against Alphabet Inc’s Google and six other foreign technology companies for alleged violations of personal data legislation.

This is not the first clash over content, censorship, data, and local representation. Problems have been brewing since the war on Ukraine started, and last year, Russia fined Google 3 million roubles ($46,540) for not storing the personal data of Russian users in databases on Russian territory.

This time, the tech giant could be fined anywhere between 6-18 million roubles.

The regulator said Russia had opened cases against Airbnb, Pinterest, Likeme, Twitch, Apple, and United Parcel Service for alleged first-time offenses carrying a potential fine of 1-6 million roubles.

The companies had no immediate comment.

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