Saudi’s B2B marketplace Retailo acquires DXBUY

Saudi’s B2B marketplace Retailo acquires DXBUY

Retailo, MENAP-based B2B startup, acquired Dubai-based B2B eCommerce platform DXBUY. The acquisition is part of Retailo’s growth and expansion plans for the MENAP region.  

DXBUY is a B2B platform serving as a marketplace for thousands of restaurants and cafes. Onboarding DXBUY will develop further inroads for Retailo into the lucrative hotel, restaurant, and café (HORECA) business, enabling the company to scale it across the region.

“We are excited about the acquihire of DXBUY and expanding the Retailo family by bringing in formidable talent that will empower restaurants and cafes across MENAP. Retailo is becoming an even more robust institution with a reach in multiple markets and business verticals. We are increasing our regional and commercial footprint and furthering our mission of adding value to the lives of small business owners,” Retailo’s Head of Investment and Strategy, Himag Vaidya, said.

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