Shatablee signs a new partnership with Contact Financial Holding

Shatablee signs a new partnership with Contact Financial Holding

Shatablee, a digital interior design & build platform tackling the diverse finishing problems in the Egyptian Market, signed a partnership agreement with Contact Financial Holdings. The partnership will help Shatablee achieve its vision and expansion plans in the Egyptian real estate sector by providing innovative finance programs to Shatablee’s clients.

The partnership agreement comes within the framework of the country’s trend towards digital transformation through technological applications supported by innovative financial solutions, which is integrated with the vision of both Shatablee and Contact.

“The cooperation with Shatablee comes within the framework of our support for new digital solutions in the Egyptian market, especially those aimed at supporting and developing the real estate sector, where Contact has the ability to provide solutions It is integrated with the ambitious Shatablee company’s vision through several different financing programs that will allow the largest number of customers to complete the design and implementation of decoration and finishing works for their residential units through simple steps,” Saeed Zaatar, Managing Director and CEO of Contact Financial Holding, said.

Through Shatablee users can select their unit type within their home compound to browse through a gallery of multiple design packages either premium, exclusive to luxury. Users can then customize the designs for each space within their unit to their own preference, choosing from a variety of financing plans and submit their order. Once order is confirmed, Shatablee starts the build phase and completes the entire process in the span of 90 days.

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