Welnes raises $300k in a Seed round

Welnes raises $300k in a Seed round

Welnes raised $300,000 in seed round led by Flat6labs, with participation from Samurai Incubate, UI Investments and a group of angel investors. 

Welnes is a community app that helps users reach their weight-loss and lifestyle goals under the guidance of top tier nutritionists and trainers.

Welnes was launched in 2020 by Amr Saleh and Amr Diab to provide customised nutrition and workout plans that accommodate various lifestyles such as keto, low carb, plant-based and more.

“Our customers love the product, they come for the nutrition and workout plans and they stay for the community. We have a very strong technical team who built a great product and we can’t wait to spread it out across all segments of the market,” said Amr Saleh, co-founder and CEO of Welnes.

The programs are served in a group setting which organically encourages participation from other users, nutritionists, and trainers. The app also features a robust gamification model that keeps users motivated and committed to following through on their programs. To date, Welnes has helped over 15,000 users.

“As seed investors, we understand that our biggest qualifiers for assessing successful ventures are mainly the team and market potential. Having invested alongside Amr before, we are quite confident of his ability to execute on capturing the nascent but strongly growing market of healthy living in the Middle East. Amr and his stellar team are developing the perfect platform to aid clients in achieving just that,” Dina el-Shenoufy, Chief Investment Officer at Flat6labs, said.

The funds from this round will be spent on expanding the team and preparing the company for GCC expansion by 2023.

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