Shopify Adds NFT-Gated Option for Online Retailers

Shopify Adds NFT-Gated Option for Online Retailers

Shopify has announced it will be launching NFT-gated storefronts, allowing brands to make their online stores look more exclusive.

“Invite your community into a world that recognizes and rewards loyalty,” the announcement video explains, “token holders connect a crypto wallet to unlock exclusive shopping experiences, from early access to drops and limited collections to one-of-a-kind experiences and other surprises.”

Since Shopify’s “gm” shop for gated merch is currently in beta, only those with existing NFT collections can apply for access. However, those not yet approved are still able to add an NFT token-gating app like Shopthru or Single to their Shopify storefronts.

As a part of its shop launch, Shopify partnered with the Adam Bomb Squad, Doodles, World of Women, Invisible Friends, Superplastic, Stapleverse, and Cool Cats NFT collections to create token-gated storefronts.

Shopify is also integrating token-gating at brick-and-mortar stores, so eligible NFT holders can purchase select merch at a physical location as well.

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