UAE’s NFT marketplace UPYO raises $1m in a seed funding round

UAE’s NFT marketplace UPYO raises $1m in a seed funding round

UPYO, NFT marketplace in the MENA region, raises $1 million in a seed round led by angel investors.

UPYO’s vision is to create a safe, simple, and high-quality platform for trading NFTs in the Middle East in order to inspire the Arab artists to think, create and engage the NFTs marketplace and interact in the digital economy and contacting with millions of creators around the world.

“The NFT market in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region is still nascent. People are still discovering the NFT experience. So, we wanted to be their gateway to this amazing digital economy. Our company strives to nurture and promote Arab and MENA talents, giving them a platform to display their work and connect with millions of people globally,” Ahmed Alsenan, CEO and Co-founder of UPYO, said.

The platform is providing a free minting or what is known as Lazy Minting through which all our users can share their creative works for free without any gas fees as a part of our plan to support all the Arabs to launch, buy and sell NFTs from safe NFT Marketplace.

UPYO vision is also to spread awareness about the Metaverse universe, because right now all the huge companies are investing their efforts and capital in the Metaverse universe which is considered to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030.

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