Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to connect with merchants

Shopify launches Collabs, a new way for creators to connect with merchants
Image Credits: Shopify

Yesterday, Shopify announcedShopify Collabs”, a new feature that allows creators to build a curated shop and easily partner with millions of merchants and independent brands on the platform. Merchants in the United States and Canada can immediately apply for early access.

By introducing a new way for creators to monetize their work on the platform, Shopify aims to bring economic independence to a new generation of entrepreneurs. The company explains: “Despite the size of the total creator economy, estimated to be worth over $100B*, most creators struggle to make money and become independent. Just 4% of creators make content full time.” They added:  “As a solo creator, discovering brands and establishing partnerships is cumbersome, and creators would rather spend their time doing what they love—engaging with their audiences.”

To start, creators need to apply for a Shopify Collabs account. Once approved, they can explore brands they like, partner with them and curate a list of their products to share on social media using Linkpop, Shopify’s link in bio tool. Whenever a product has been purchased using the curated link, the creator receives a payment directly through their PayPal account.

On the other hand, by opting in to “Shopify Collabs”, merchants can make their store and products discoverable, allowing creators to apply to that merchant’s community for special links and discount codes.

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