Silal and DANA Global partner to support UAE’s AgriTech entrepreneurs

Silal and DANA Global partner to support UAE’s AgriTech entrepreneurs

Silal, ADQ’s subsidiary focused on diversifying food product sources and stimulating the manufactured and agri-food sectors and DANA Global, an Abu Dhabi-based desert tech venture builder and investment platform, partner to support UAE’s agriculture technology (AgriTech) entrepreneurs and National Food Security Strategy.

The partnership aims to utilize on AgriTech and innovation to address challenges such as resource scarcity, local production, and food security. DANA and Silal will support local innovators and entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi through pilots, trials, and data collection.

“We are excited to partner with Silal to advance much-needed Agritech solutions in the UAE, and the wider MENA region. The Middle East has a clear and present risk of major food insecurity, and doing nothing is not an option. Via this partnership, we can better support the incredible entrepreneurs we work with – most of whom are women from the region. Complementing the beta sites we are already operating, we plan to launch new pilots and collect vital data to foster ecosystem growth, and encourage entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality,” Katie Wachsberger, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of DANA, said.

The partnership will also support UAE’s national food security strategy to adopt advanced agricultural methods to promote security, efficiency, and productivity.

The partnership aims to build a ecosystem of for self-sustained agriculture in MENA with addressing issues like salinity, irrigation, crop optimization, post-harvest, supply chain, pest management, fertilization, and systems efficiency.

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