The TriFactory: Sports for a Cause

The Trifactory is holding virtual sporting events to raise money during Ramadan.
The TriFactory: Sports for a Cause
The TriFactory has been organizing sport events since 2015.

The TriFactory is enabling athletes to run for a cause, this Ramadan. It has organized the Stay Safe Marathon under the ItsWorthATri initiative. This initiative will support Al Nas’ Children’s Hospital through the Heart-to-Heart campaign. Additionally, The Trifactory is donating EGP 100,000 to Al Shifa Bank, according to Saif Fawzy the company’s COO.

Fawzy tells WAYA: “Recently, and according to social distancing measures, we launched the Stay Safe Marathon. It is a virtual competition for a charitable cause that challenges participants to run or walk a certain distance at a certain time. When the challenge is completed, the participant receives a medal that is delivered to their home.”

People can take part in the It’s Worth a Tri challenge by registering on TriFactory’s website. Then, they need to subscribe to the My Virtual Mission app, which tracks the distances covered and the participants’ level of progress.

Fawzy believes that these virtual activities may attract a larger number of participants.”There are no travel difficulties in these kinds of competitions. Anyone can participate, regardless of their athletic abilities, and in different ways, whether walking or running,” he explains. Already, 1500 people participated in the first event. “Stay Safe Marathon is offering a different way to take part in sporting events, even if remotely,” Fawzi said.

The Trifactory hopes to host in-person events once the coronavirus has stopped spreading. Its events include The Sahl Hasheesh Endurance Festival and Tough Mudder Egypt.

Seif Fawzy wrote an open letter to WAYA in April where he talks about how his company is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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