Vodafone Egypt Acquires 20% Stake in Masary, Bee

This acquisition is meant to accelerate the business growth of the companies Masary and Bee.
Vodafone Egypt Acquires 20% Stake in Masary, Bee

Vodafone Egypt announced yesterday that it has acquired 20% stake in e-payment companies Masary and Bee, subsidiaries of Ebtikar Holding Company for Financial Investments. This acquisition is meant to contribute to the growth of the volume of business and the development of the work system and the services provided by the two companies while benefiting from the expertise of Vodafone in Africa.

“Choosing the field of digital payments services comes in line with Vodafone Egypt’s constant interest in developing and diversifying the services provided to customers,” says Vodafone Egypt’s CEO Mohamed Abdullah, adding that Vofafone Egypt is also interested in providing new opportunities for distributors and their partners to succeed, to increase distribution outlets and spread services, which gives the customer a better experience in the field of digital transactions and services.

This comes as confirmation of Vodafone’s desire to increase its investments in the Egyptian market, especially in the field of digital transformation, and to achieve financial inclusion in Egypt, as the President of Vodafone International indicated during his previous interview with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi about the possibility of Egypt being an important center in the continent of Africa. To provide digital transformation services and exchange experiences in this field at the regional level, in order to achieve the country’s 2030 vision.

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