Amazon to Launch Amazon.eg Later This Year

Amazon to Launch Amazon.eg Later This Year

Amazon announced that it will be launching Amazon.eg in Egypt later this year, giving local businesses the opportunity to reach more customers across the country. In preparation for the new site, Amazon has announced that Amazon Seller Central, the company’s seller management tool, is now open for registration in Egypt.

Selling partners already selling on Souq.com, an Amazon company, can now access Amazon Seller Central. There they can experience the new features of the seller tool and validate their account information to begin selling on Amazon.eg as soon as the site is launched.

“The introduction of Amazon Seller Central in Egypt is a key milestone in our journey to continue supporting local Egyptian businesses of all sizes, delivering greater opportunities to help them grow and connect with millions of customers,” said Omar Elsahy, the general manager of Amazon and Souq.com in Egypt. “With a wealth of great retailers, sellers, brands, and handicrafts, we are excited to be working hand-in-hand with the industrial sector in Egypt to continue serving customers across the country. Their success is our success, as we remain committed to providing customers with a great shopping experience supported by what they tell us they value the most—low prices and vast selection, paired with fast delivery.”

Amazon’s business model is built around providing customers with more selection, which means the company champions and empowers third-party sellers. Today, small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 50% of everything on Amazon’s online stores globally. To fuel the success of selling partners on Amazon, the company offers a range of tools and programs to help them grow their business like never before. Among many new possibilities, they can create campaigns to drive discoverability for their products and run promotions in the form of coupons any time of the year. Additionally, sellers can choose from various easy and stress-free fulfillment strategies when shipping orders to customers, including Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), whereby they send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment center and let Amazon take care of the rest. 

Elsahy said: “The largest household brands, as well as emerging ones, all sell on Amazon globally, and we’re excited to bring this experience to the thousands of diverse sellers in Egypt in preparation of the launch of Amazon.eg.” He continued “Amazon already has a wide fulfillment network across Egypt and, with FBA, sellers are now able to store their products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers for faster customer shipping at the time of the launch of Amazon.eg.”

Amazon has been operating in Egypt since 2017 through Souq.com, an Amazon company, and it continues to deliver a great experience to customers and selling partners in Egypt. Amazon’s commitment to serving customers in Egypt is reflected in its robust local operations, which have continued to develop since the acquisition. Amazon operates a widespread local logistics and operations network across Egypt, including its main fulfillment center supported by 15 delivery stations across the country. Amazon also has established corporate and customer services offices, and a total local workforce of over 3,000 across corporate, customer service, and operations in Egypt.

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