An ode to a life short-lived: Snap scraps the Pixy drone

An ode to a life short-lived: Snap scraps the Pixy drone
Image Credits: Snap

Snap has scrapped the development of its Pixy drone, which was launched earlier this year in April. CEO Evan Spiegel says the product is a casualty of re-prioritization amid broader economic concerns. 

Snap, however, will continue selling the $250 product until the inventory is out.

The Snap Pixy drone is not the first camera drone to lose out to bigger products. DJI’s Spark was also ultimately killed off in a bid to streamline consumer offerings, and the GoPro Karma, which literally fell out of the sky, met the same fate as the company decided to shift its focus back to action cams.

As for Snap’s line, what remains now is the company’s Spectacles, a product designed to ‘bring augmented reality to life’, and redefine ‘how we interact with and overlay computing on the world.’ According to the official website, the new Spectacles are not for sale, but are rather ‘built for creators looking to push the limits of immersive AR experiences.’

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