Chefaa to supply Mersal’s patients with their pharmacy needs in a new partnership

Chefaa to supply Mersal’s patients with their pharmacy needs in a new partnership

Chefaa announces its strategic partnership with Mersal, a nonprofit organization that serves the health field and seeks to provide all types of medical care with high quality to whoever is in need. 

“This type of partnership with private entities is the foundation for facilitating bringing our services to patients who can’t provide for themselves. Our agreement with Chefaa to provide us with needed supplies at discounted prices and different facilitated payment methods, especially in services related to children’s milk and diapers, help our foundation provide its services faster and to a large number of people in need which will decrease our waiting list. Ms. Heba also added that our partnership with Chefaa will increase social awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility and that this partnership marks the beginning of more similar partnerships for the Foundation,” Heba Rashed, Chairman of Trustees of Mersal Foundation, said. 

Through this partnership with Mersal, Chefaa will be able to support providing pharmacy needs within its massive network and partners to the patients at Mersal with a special focus on the children incubators’ needs throughout the upcoming years.

“Our partnership with Mersal Foundation is a crucial step for Chefaa as it synchronizes with our vision to provide our services to all Egyptian patients in different sectors. One of our core values is to strengthen our role in helping our community. Our vision is to always create partnerships that can help us sustain and increase our social impact. That’s why we highly value our partnership with Mersal Foundation,” Doaa Aref, CEO and Founder of Chefaa, said.

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