Cairo-based E-Commerce Retail Marketplace, Dresscode, Raises USD Six-Figures Seed Round From Egypt Ventures

DC is on a mission to transform the lifestyle and fashion retail shopping industry.
Cairo-based E-Commerce Retail Marketplace, Dresscode, Raises USD Six-Figures Seed Round From Egypt Ventures

Dresscode, a Cairo-based e-commerce retail startup has raised USD six digits in Seed funding from Egypt Ventures.

DC is on a mission to transform the lifestyle and fashion retail shopping industry. Founded 2018 by Mohamed Abdel Dayem and Ali Zakaria, Dresscode is an e-commerce retail platform selling women wear, beauty and home products, with an aim to connect, Egyptian manufactures to the consumers directly. Dresscode are working to fill a gap in the market for affordable high fashion, aspirational and the reach to multi-brand product variety.

Dresscode provides a platform for local fashion brands and designers to market and sell their products, adding to their income streams and helping them grow their business. The company’s business model also depends on third party manufacturers which contributes to job creation across the entire fashion supply chain in the Egyptian market.

Egypt is a huge market and the textile industry is one of the heights contributors to Egypt’s GDP. We are trying the solve a problem that many manufactures, brands, suppliers face, which is how is to reach the consumer, Many Factories produce great material and products, that are exported everywhere in the world, but these factories lack the marketing and branding aspects, hence they go to merchants to sell the products which take a big portion of their margins, and offer them the worst payment terms.

Mohamed Abdel Dayem, CEO and Co-Founder, Dresscode

Mohamed Abdel Dayem, the co-founder and CEO of Dresscode, comes from a family rooted in the textile industry since 1920’s, his family’s business has been an essential part of textile and garment manufacturing, where he experienced some of the pains facing the garment manufacturers and owners including lack of data, distribution and sales which inspired him to this platform.

The startup is offering experiential retail environments and a well-curated mix of on-trend women’s clothes, from boho dresses, denim, graphics, and evening gowns to shoes and home collection, catering to both young women and teens without breaking the bank.

Dresscode is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the modern yet economical woman. It aims to promptly offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in Egypt, With a high-tech website and APPs with fully integrated logistics service, they focus heavily on delivering the right product at the right time to the customers, Dresscode has been creating beautiful marketing campaigns and aspirational editorial images for the brands in addition to consistent e-commerce photography to continually
inspire and motivate our customers purchasing decisions.

The Most inspiring campaign was the free mask campaign at the beginning of COVID-19, encouraging everyone to wear their face mask, while offering the cotton face mask for free. Dresscode is working with industry’s pioneers to improve the offering for the client, brands like Carina, Izzy Apparel and Believe.

Dresscode as a brand and as a platform has a strong team behind it, they have successfully tapped into the rapidly changing consumer buying behavior,” explained Ali Zakaria, Managing Partner and co-founder at Dresscode. “We are confident that our products are well positioned to cater to our customer needs.

“We have managed to reach 9000 monthly recurring users without any funding, consumers are always seeking, a better offering and we worked hard to offer them what they are looking for. For many years consumers lacked
affordable, durable products to depend on rather than imported products, that are usually expensive and not the best quality,” he added.

The startup has witnessed huge growth due to the COVID-19 crisis which accelerated the process with Egypt Ventures to raise the funds to maintain this growth and make the best of the opportunity ahead.

Egypt Ventures Managing Director, Ahmed Gomaa stated, “We are excited to be part of Dresscode, as part of our mission to support talented Egyptian entrepreneurs contributing to the growth of local tailor workshops.”

The funding will be used to maintain the growth, by expanding our team, the product offerings, and infrastructure to start offering next and same day deliveries to our customer.

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