Meero: Professional Photograph on Demand

Meero: Professional Photograph on Demand

Meero is a French startup that sells photographs to conglomerates around the world. This startup is one of five french unicorns. Its success is a result of the high-quality photographs it delivers and the facility of its transactions.

Thomas Rebaud and Guillaume Lestrade co-founded Meero in 2016. Through the marketplace, the duo was able to gather freelance photographers from around the world and connect them with their clients The platform now has 58,000 photographers and 31,000 clients. This startup has huge clients such as Booking.com, Carrefour, Deliveroo, L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton amongst others. Meero connects clients with freelancers and takes care of the contracts for both parties while taking a percentage on the transaction.

Meero has raised a whopping $293.4 million since its conception. It reached unicorn status in June 2019, only three years after it was founded. Despite its success, the company has not stopped thinking about how it can innovate and improve.

The startup a team of researchers working on automatic photo-editing algorithms. The AI edits the raw shoots for the photographers. This could help photographers work on more shoots since they would not need to spend so much time editing photos. The technology is already being used to edit photos for some clients such as Booking.com and Deliveroo.

Meero is also creating masterclasses and documentaries for their photographers, to help amateurs and professionals learn the best tips and tricks.

Additionally, the startup is also plans on entering a B2C vertical. The company previously only had companies for clients, however, it is planning on launching a consumer vertical. This means that individuals can book photographers for weddings, birthdays, and other events through Meero.

This startup is showing no signs of slowing down its growth and innovation because of its unicorn status.

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