Egypt to export natural gas to Lebanon through Syria

Egypt to export natural gas to Lebanon through Syria

Egypt, Lebanon and Syria signed a natural gas transmission agreement, following US’s efforts to support Lebanon during its energy crisis, during a ceremony at the Lebanese energy ministry in Beirut.

This natural gas transmission agreement will allow Egypt to export 650 million cubic meters of natural gas to Lebanon annually, through Syria.

It will be transported through an Egyptian pipeline, to eventually reach the northern Deir Ammar power plant in Lebanon.

By signing this deal, Lebanon will be having an additional 450 megawatts per day to the grid.

“The importance of this deal stems from the fact that it will secure an additional four hours of electricity per day following its implementation,” Lebanese Energy Minister Walid Fayad, said in a press conference.

It is part of Lebanon’s efforts to maximize gas supply to around 10 hours a day, whereas it is currently at a mere 2 hours a day.

This deal further emphasizes Egypt’s presence in the gas market, following its recent exporting deal with Israel and the European union.

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