Hesabe: your one-stop shop for payments and much more

Hesabe: your one-stop shop for payments and much more

Hesabe is an innovative payment gateway that offers reliable support through regulatory compliance, dedicated digital consultants, and digital processing.

Hesabe was one of the first companies in Kuwait to aid merchants in integrating Hesabe’s payment solutions platform seamlessly through their websites such as Shopify.

It started out as an internal platform for its mother company, LGA Capital Holding, Hesabe grew with an increased demand to offer online payment solutions through a refined offering and a larger team tasked with building a reliable support system that sustains innovation.

Striving to create a more convenient substitute for the traditional payment experience, Hesabe offers a variety of digital payment solutions to its merchants, namely payment gateway integration, where Hesabe aids merchants to integrate their payment solution platform seamlessly through their website, on-the-go invoice payments through text, WhatsApp or email and QR code payments.

Hesabe also was one of the pioneer companies in offering POS terminal payments, allowing merchants to conveniently accept credit and debit credits from their storefront or remote location, and supports a number of payment methods that include Knet, KFast, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

“We are now looking for acquisition opportunities specifically after CBK approval, we will be in hunt of increasing our market share, and we believe a great way to do it in the local market is to acquire other payment aggregators in the market. Additionally we are exploring the possibility of introducing complimentary services. Lastly we are on an ongoing quest to integrate with what the market needs, be it CRM tools, POS systems, or Open APIs,” Rakan AlAdsani, CEO of Hesabe, stated.

Hesabe are currently compliant with the Central Bank of Kuwait and are now among the central bank’s electronic payment agents.

In addition to being a versatile, comprehensive payment solution, Hesabe provides a variety of benefits, including instant refunds, multi-user support, sender ID, scheduled bulk payments, and payment reminders.

“Currently our primary focus is Kuwait, but we have taken some steps to explore the GCC, specifically Saudi Arabia,” AlAdsani added.

One of Hesabe’s core values is convenience, they have many partners varying from financial institutions and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to corporates.

Hesabe partners up with banks to assure convenient processing and reliable support. They also place regulatory compliance to the utmost importance and make sure all transactions and processes are in check with the Central Bank of Kuwait to assure security and transparency. 

As for SMEs, Hesabe supports them in launching an online website offering them a new source of payment for their storefront. They have efficient setup times and competitive rates to ensure convenient service to their SME partners allowing them to focus on the growth of their business rather than processing transactions. 

Hesabe serves corporations by providing them with proper developers to assist in customizing and integrating their platform, Hesabe acts as a partner to some of the biggest corporations in Kuwait through their secure servers and fast turnover rate for transfers.

You can check out their offering here.

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