Endeavor Egypt Adds Suhail and Luay Torky to its Network of Entrepreneurs

The addition comes after Endeavor’s 93rd International Selection Panel.
Endeavor Egypt Adds Suhail and Luay Torky to its Network of Entrepreneurs
Suhail and Luay were selected from Endeavor’s 93rd International Selection Panel (ISP).

Endeavour Egypt have added Suhail Torky, Chairman of SAAL Invest, and Luay Torky, CEO of SAAL Invest, to its network of high-impact entrepreneurs. Suhail and Luay were among 23 entrepreneurs leading 14 companies from 11 markets selected at Endeavor’s 93rd International Selection Panel (ISP). 

The 93rd ISP gathered panelists, who are top business leaders and investors from Endeavor’s network of board members, mentors and supporters, from around the world to interview candidate entrepreneurs and evaluate them on their high-impact growth potential. Following the interviews, panelists deliberate on which candidates should be selected to become part of the next class of Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

SAAL Invest operates one of the leading fast food chains in the market, Buffalo Burger, with over 30 branches across the country. A sound franchise model and deep knowledge of the Egyptian market has allowed SAAL to continue to innovate and dominate local fast food, and the group is looking forward to further success throughout the region.

Endeavor provides its entrepreneurs with access to networks, talent and smart capital. Endeavor’s boasts a significant track record of creating 3 million jobs, generating $20 billion in revenues in 2018, and helping build sustainable growth models. Furthermore, Endeavor Egypt Entrepreneurs generated EGP 5.4 billion in revenues in 2018, and created over 11,300 jobs since their selection.

Endeavor now supports over 2000 entrepreneurs leading 1200+ companies in 35+ growth markets around the world. In Egypt, Endeavor currently supports 54 entrepreneurs leading 34 companies including high-impact businesses such as Vezeeta, Zooba, TBS, LUNA PAC, Baraka Group, SWVL, Family Corporation, SolarizEgypt, Imtenan, Al-Sagheer, Inertia and Halan

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