Flash Lead takes on Saudi with their newest Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead takes on Saudi with their newest Flash Lead Pro

Flash Lead, cloud-based web and mobile application management solutions for streamlining the sales process and boosting sales in no time, is expanding into Saudi Arabia by opening a new office there. Flash Lead officially obtained the MISA license and within Q2 their office in Riyadh will be ready for operations. 

“After onboarding more than ten companies in Saudi Arabia, we realized how big the market there was, so the natural move was to open an office and start operating from there to fill that market gap and acquire the market share we know we deserve,” Caroline Robert, Marketing Manager at Flash Lead, told Waya.

The company already has clients in more than 7 countries including: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United States, England, Australia, Brazil and Singapore.

“Based on our market research and insights, we found a gap in the Saudi market calling for an Arabic easy to use sales management solution tailored to the market and buyer journey, rather than international solutions that are not adaptable to the market needs,” Robert added. 

Flash Lead’s solutions were specifically developed for the Arab region and the Middle East. This is since most available sales CRMs are developed abroad with limited support and customization to fit market needs. 

According to Robert, the company’s vision is to revolutionize how sales are done in the Middle East, by offering multiple smart solutions that are built specifically for the region, understand the psychology of the sales people and offer intelligent insight and recommendations to increase sales.

Flash Lead’s main R&D and support team is in the Middle East. Their products and services are available in both Arabic and English even though most of their competitors are available just in English. Their services include Flash Lead CRM, Flash Lead Call and their newest product which is the Flash Lead Pro.

Flash Lead CRM, is an advanced CRM for lead management, enhanced internal communication and a customizable documented buyer journey with a 360 overview starting from the lead’s initial contact till the deal is closed. Flash Lead Pro takes all the features of Flash Lead CRM and goes one step further by covering a whole new spectrum of professional tools where sales, marketing and customer service can directly communicate with clients on Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger & Instagram. 

The newly launched Flash Lead Call is a Plug & Play virtual call center that is offering Voice over IP (VOIP) services for clients at local tariffs in KSA and Egypt. The virtual call center entails IVR, call routing and call recording that is installed in 24 hours at 10% cost of the traditional cost of call centers solutions. They offer enterprise solutions for all SMEs looking to scale and grow with affordable and easy to use products.

“We understood the psychology of the sales person in the region and created our products to fit perfectly the way they work. Any sales management/productivity solution can have unlimited features but unless it is fed by data from users it is useless, what really differentiates us from the competition is the stickiness of our products. It is used for more than four hours weekly, compared to three hours for the global market leader and logged in for more than 22 sessions per week compared to nine per user,” Robert told Waya.

Flash Lead was founded in 2021 by Alaa Mourad and Jackson Harry. In a year from its launch, the startup has been part of different accelerator programs such as: Falak Investment Hub, Raya Future Tech and the MISK acceleration program by Plug and Play which previously helped accelerate companies like Dropbox and Uber.

Flash Lead was also able to get a prize of 100k EGP from the “El Forsa” Competition which is a televised competition for entrepreneurs in the Arab world, through the TV show Kalema Akhira presented by journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi, in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (MSMEA).

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