Grand Egyptian Museum to be Egypt’s first eco-friendly museum

Grand Egyptian Museum to be Egypt’s first eco-friendly museum

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the National Center for Housing and Building Research announced that the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) and all its buildings will be green buildings. This will provide environmental, economic and cultural sustainability, and make GEM the first green museum in Egypt.

The GEM is currently in the process of obtaining the Egyptian Green Pyramid accreditation and in order to receive the accreditation, GEM has to meet certain requirements.

These requirements include visitor services, transportation to the museum, ease of access, the creation of bike paths, parking lots, the use of electric cars, efficiency of water and energy consumption, especially in the museum’s green landscape, as well as use of renewable energy sources.

This accreditation comes within the framework of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ strategy for sustainable development as part of Egypt’s Vision 2030 to preserve the ecological balance and the sustainability of tourism and antiquities as well as encouraging the sector to develop in unison with the transition to a green economy and environmentally friendly practices.

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