Lebanon’s Myki gets acquired by USA’s JumpCloud

Lebanon’s Myki gets acquired by USA’s JumpCloud

Myki, Lebanese tech startup and digital identity management solutions provider, announced today that it has been acquired by US-based global Tech company JumpCloud. 

Myki has taken on decentralized password management and access for users and enterprises across the globe. The startup has been pioneering data protection through encrypted and decentralized identity management tools allowing users to consolidate and access their passwords safely in one digital medium.

“Our directory platform is rapidly becoming the new IT backbone, centralising critical functions around security, access, and identity management. The Myki team shares our vision for the importance of a directory platform. And, they are bringing a wealth of technological innovations and strong engineering talent that will enhance the JumpCloud platform and deliver superior security, ease of use, and value to our customers,” Rajat Bhargava, CEO and Founder of JumpCloud, said.

JumpCloud’s platform centralizes the management of user identities and devices through SSO, MDM, MFA, and more, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt zero trust security models.

The acquisition will accelerate the JumpCloud’s expansion of its cloud directory platform with great technology, people, and distribution relationships.

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