Talabat Mart expands to Assiut

Talabat Mart expands to Assiut

Talabat mart, the 20-minute grocery delivery service by talabat, food delivery and q-commerce platform, announces its latest expansion in Assiut, Zagazig, Ismailia and Port Said.

The recent expansion marks talabat Mart as operational in 9 governorates through 35 dark stores and comes in parallel to introducing a new range of frozen seafood and fresh bakeries to its mixed assortment. Which is aligned with the company’s long term mission to bring its innovative grocery delivery technology to all communities in Egypt and offer a reliable, affordable and ultra-fast service.

“This is yet another incredible milestone in the journey of talabat Mart since launching almost a year ago. We are proud of not only introducing quick commerce to Egypt, but also of our sustainable growth that enables us to better serve our customers, create employment opportunities and foster talent. I am very proud of how we are building a product stack from the ground up that is designed to maximize efficiency and customer value across the country. We have the most efficient and the fastest dark store operations. Our picking time average is less than 3 mins. across the 35 stores in 7 cities,” Mohamed Sekkina, General Manager of talabat Mart, stated.

Talabat’s growth strategy aims to further enhance its customer experience and diversify the variety of product offerings. The company is introducing new product categories, with emphasis on groceries, alongside flowers, cosmetics and supplements. talabat is also adding new local stores to the platform, enabling customers to shop from Beit El Gomla and BIM from the comfort of their homes.

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