Meta rolls out a metaverse ID system

Meta rolls out a metaverse ID system
Image Credits: NFTGators

Where Facebook and Instagram users once used their accounts to log in to the company’s virtual reality (VR) system, they will now use the newly rolled out Meta accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles.

Launched amid privacy concerns, users can still connect their traditional accounts with their new virtual accounts through the Accounts Center if they so choose for a more connected experience, opening up features such as livestream sharing, messaging and finding followers faster.

To make a new Meta account, users must have the latest software on the Oculus app and VR headset. Users who transfer over will also “still have access to all of [their] previous VR purchases and downloads.”

Additionally, the Meta Horizon Profile will replace the Oculus account, and will be the home for all things avatar-based for the social media aspect of the metaverse.

Users can also set their profile to be “Open to Everyone,” “Friends and Family” or “Solo”, with the option to set their Horizon profile to “Private”, allowing them to accept follow requests. Minors aged 13 through 17 will have their accounts set to “Private” by default.

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