Pinterest launches ‘Shuffles’, a new iOS app for creating moodboards

Pinterest launches ‘Shuffles’, a new iOS app for creating moodboards
Image Credits: Pinterest

Innovating on the #1 use of the app by creatives worldwide, Pinterest has subtly launched ‘Shuffles’, an IOS app for making collages for use in creative moodboards and visualizing room makeoevers. Users can now join the waitlist from the homescreen.

Using ‘Shuffles’, iOS users can build collages using Pinterest’s photo library, snap photos of objects they want using the camera, or cut out individual objects from within an image with a tap. Once the picture has been rotated, layered and resized, animations and other effects can be added to improve the outcome.

After editing, the final project can be shared with friends for collaboration or posted to public groups where others can “remix” the original creation into an altogether new design.

“Shuffles is a standalone app created by TwoTwenty, Pinterest’s innovative incubator team. Shuffles is an engaging way to create, publish, and share visual content,” the Pinterest spokesperson said. “With more people coming to our platform for creative inspiration, we’re continuously experimenting with new ways to help Pinners and Creators bring their ideas to life.”

Since its launch last November, TwoTwenty has been experimenting with the app’s transition from a simple image pinboard that drives e-commerce transactions to a platform that facilitates purchases through video, and prototype new ideas for the app that support different use cases than bookmarking posts.

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