Morocco-based proptech Agenz raises US$1.3m in pre-Series A funding round 

Morocco-based proptech Agenz raises US$1.3m in pre-Series A funding round 

Moroccan startup specialising in online real estate evaluation, Agenz, has secured an investment amount of US$1.3 million through a pre-Series A financing round. 

The investment round attracted a number of investors, including Azur Innovation Fund, Maroc Numeric Fund II, and Beenok, an international investment fund. 

Founded in 2021 by Malik and Badr Belkeziz, Agenz ’s innovative use of artificial intelligence for precise estimations, backed by a robust database and analyzed market data, has made it a reference point for property buyers and sellers across Morocco. 

Agenz’s platform, agenz.ma offers a comprehensive real estate experience, encompassing not only estimation services but also curated property listings and access to real estate credit.

The record investment will enable Agenz to accelerate its growth and revolutionize the real estate sector in Morocco. The solution will help enhance its service offerings and make real estate transactions more accessible and efficient for all stakeholders.

Additionally, Agenz’s rapid growth and market traction played a crucial role in instilling confidence in the investors. 

With over 150,000 monthly users and 5,000 new property estimations generated per month.

The potential for a smoother buying and selling process, especially catering to the needs of the middle class, aligns with the investors’ interest in fostering inclusive growth and expanding the real estate market. 

Agenz’s commitment to transparency and its ambitious goal of facilitating property ownership and sales within a maximum timeframe of ten days have also resonated with investors, especially considering the potential impact on the Moroccan real estate market.

Agenz‘s strategic partnerships with a network of nearly 1,000 real estate agencies and developers, along with established collaborations with major Moroccan banks, have further enhanced its credibility and market reach. These partnerships position Agenz to offer a comprehensive real estate experience to its users, featuring a wide selection of properties across Morocco and simplified access to real estate financing. 

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