Orange Egypt partners with Fawry to enhance digital payment services

Orange Egypt partners with Fawry to enhance digital payment services

Orange Egypt signed a partnership agreement with Fawry to enhance digital payment services through the Orange Cash wallet and develop its features.

The partnership aims to establish Orange Cash as a digital payment service in Egypt that helps customers as a comprehensive money management solution.

Orange Cash already provides a huge number of services for money transfers and payments, such as electricity, water, and gas bills, insurance premiums, union payments, clubs, schools and universities, donations, ticket purchases, traffic fines, online purchases, real estate installments, bank loan settlement, and merchant payments.

Fawry seeks to establish strategic and effective partnerships with major companies and institutions that provide electronic payment services through its systems for creating and managing electronic wallets.

“After our recent partnership with the National Bank of Egypt, this new partnership with Fawry, along with Orange’s global experience in the field of mobile money transfer and digital banking services, makes Orange Cash the most powerful mobile wallet solution in Egypt with The strongest partners in this sector. Orange Cash now offers its customers unprecedented digital payment capabilities in the field of e-wallets in Egypt, in a way that allows its customers to benefit from the latest global trends in this sector in a faster, safer, and more effective manner,”

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