Otlob Is Now Talabat, but What Does That Mean?

What does that mean for the on-demand delivery industry, not only in Egypt, but the whole world?
Otlob Is Now Talabat, but What Does That Mean?
Source: Talabat

Kuwaiti food and grocery delivery platform, Talabat, announced the rebranding of Otlob to Talabat. With plans to hire 50,000 freelance riders and expand to eight cities across Egypt, Talabat is wants to reach more than 55 million customers.

Delivery Hero, the mother company of both Otlob and Talabat has been spurring controversy since its arrangement with Glovo two years ago, ending up with Glovo exiting several markets across the MENA region. The German gig-economy company operates through many food delivery startups like Otlob and Talabat in over 40 countries all over the world.

“First of all, let me pay homage to Otlob and the Otlob team, an Egyptian success-story which we’re privileged to continue to build on. We are hugely proud of all of the talent that has had a role in Otlob’s success since its inception in 1999, and are excited to continue this journey together, working as one team.”

Tomaso Rodriguez, CEO, Talabat

In 2019, competition authorities in Egypt and Kuwait called Delivery Hero and Talabat out on their monopoly practices in Delivery Hero’s arrangement with Glovo in Egypt, and Talabat and Carriage’s deal in Kuwait. Earlier this year, Otlob’s Managing Director Walid El-Saadany stepped down to make way for Talabat’s Senior Director Sofiène Marzouki to get appointed as CEO of Otlob, that – seven months later – became Talabat

“For our customers, safety, speed, affordability and variety remain at the forefront of what we do. Over the next two months, we’re planning to add over 2000 restaurant partners to our platform, to continue to offer the variety that our customers want. What’s more, we’re going to offer some of the most affordable meals that you can find via a 30 EGP meal deal!”

Sofiène Marzouki, CEO, Otlob

The Talabat app will be available on September 1st.

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