PaySky, Egypt’s FinTech platform, launches Yalla super app and card in UAE

PaySky, Egypt’s FinTech platform, launches Yalla super app and card in UAE

PaySky, Egyptian FinTech platform, expands to UAE after launching Yalla Card and Super App in partnership with Visa.

The superapp Yalla was originally launched in Egypt by Egypt Post, as part of the ministry’s strategy to have a “digital Egypt”

The project is planned to have multiple services in various sectors, aligning with PaySky’s objective of reaching 1 billion consumers and 1 million businesses with the services and platforms they offer in the fin-tech industry.

“This expansion is based on extensive research done by the company to explore and satisfy the unmet needs of the UAE residents and corporates by providing them with different financial and non-financial services.” said Waleed Sadek, Founder and CEO of PaySky.

This launch will include Yalla Bills, for paying all utilities and bills, Yalla Investment, for stock and investment opportunities and Yalla Money for monetary transactions.

It will also serve the shopping and entertainment sectors, with its “Yala Mall”, “Yala Offers” and “Yalla Gift Vouchers” that offer a range of digital shopping opportunities and discounts for its users.

“We believe in the importance of strategic partnerships between the service providers to develop the market and facilitate transactions and this is manifested in our strategic partnership with Visa” he further commented.

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