PaySky is expanding its Yalla Super App to the UAE and Saudi Arabia

PaySky is expanding its Yalla Super App to the UAE and Saudi Arabia

PaySky, FinTech and digital payments solution for individuals and businesses, is expanding its Yalla Super App to the United Arab Emirates next month and Saudi Arabia in early 2023.

This expansion of the Yalla Super App comes within the framework of the company’s plans for continuous expansion in strategic markets that have a direct impact on the Egyptian market, especially those markets that are ripe for digital transformation and financial inclusion.

“The entry of Yalla Super App to the Saudi market in the first quarter of next year is our first step of expansion, which came as a result of many surveys conducted by the company to understand and analyze the needs and aspirations of individual customers. and institutions in Saudi Arabia, in order to provide a wide range of different payment solutions to facilitate financial and non-financial services for the residents of Saudi Arabia,” Waleed Sadek, Founder & CEO of PaySky, said.

Sadek also pointed out that the presence of Yalla Super App in Saudi Arabia will pave the way for the company to expand in other markets in the region, such as Pakistan, which he described as one of the largest markets receiving remittances from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company is planning to expand to it in the third quarter of 2023.

PaySky had already announced that it will be expanding Yalla Card and Super App in partnership with Visa to the UAE.

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