Trella, Egypt’s digital freight marketplace, raises $6m in debt funding

Trella, Egypt’s digital freight marketplace, raises $6m in debt funding

Trella raised $6 million in debt financing from ALMA Sustainable Finance (ALMA) and U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). ALMA will deploy $6 million in debt financing to support the operations of Trella, a digital freight marketplace in Pakistan and Egypt. 

Trella’s platform was founded in 2018 and connects corporate shippers with trucking carriers across the region, driving efficiency in a highly fragmented logistics industry. The startup facilitated over two million tons of shipments in 2021.

“We are very pleased to have the support of DFC to be able to extend more capital to high-growth digital businesses such as Trella. As debt lenders, we want to extend more financing in lower-middle-income countries such as Pakistan and Egypt, and having the DFC guaranty facility allows us to reach more companies in these regions and have broader development impacts,” said Gautam Ivatury, managing partner at ALMA Sustainable Finance.

ALMA’s debt financing, backed by the DFC guarantee, will support the expansion of Trella’s platform for MSME truckers in Egypt and Pakistan. The project will also benefit from technical assistance provided by both USAID/Pakistan and USAID/Egypt. 

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