Play around with LaMDA using Google’s new “AI Test Kitchen”

Play around with LaMDA using Google’s new “AI Test Kitchen”
Image Credits: Yahoo Finance

Google launched AI Test Kitchen, an Android app that gives users the opportunity to learn about, experience, test, and give feedback on experimental AI technology from the company’s labs before it goes into production. 

The tool launched on Android last Thursday, with plans to launch on iOS in the upcoming weeks. Users can register their interest for AI Test Kitchen on the website as it begins to gradually roll out to small groups of users in the US.

In the blog post, Google shared that the first set of demos explores the latest version of LaMDA, which stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications. The company explains: “The first demo, “Imagine It,” lets you name a place and offers paths to explore your imagination. With the “List It” demo, you can share a goal or topic, and LaMDA will break it down into a list of helpful subtasks. And in the “Talk About It (Dogs Edition)” demo, you can have a fun, open-ended conversation about dogs and only dogs, which explores LaMDA’s ability to stay on topic even if you try to veer off-topic.”

Google says it has added “multiple layers” of protection to AI Test Kitchen in an effort to minimize biases and toxic outputs, but it still needs the help of its users. It added: “We believe responsible progress doesn’t happen in isolation. We’re at a point where external feedback is the next, most helpful step to improve LaMDA. When you rate each LaMDA reply as nice, offensive, off topic, or untrue, we’ll use this data — which is not linked to your Google account — to improve and develop our future products. We intend for AI Test Kitchen to be safe, fun, and educational, and we look forward to innovating in a responsible and transparent way together.”

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