Sprout FCZO Raises $200,000 from FA Holding

Sprout FCZO Raises $200,000 from FA Holding

UAE-based F&B startup Sprout FZCO has raised $200,000 in funding from Bahrain-based FA Holding. 

Founded by biochemist Oz Erbas and marketing technologist Katerina Papatryfon, Sprout FZCO aims to pioneer a new era of kids’ food production with a science-based, health-first approach. Sprout foods are exclusively made of whole plants and heavily use locally sourced and organic ingredients, making it the UAE’s first 100% plant-based kids food business, the startup states.

The company is also building an AI technology-powered end-to-end nutrition management app that will help parents navigate child nutrition and health in ways currently not possible. 

Following a zero-waste aspiration for their direct-to-consumer channel, all foods are made to order and avoid unnecessary food waste. All meals are also sold in glass jars which are recollected and reused making Sprout a full-circle reusable packaging food business. 

Sprout is a liaison of the Physicians Association of Nutrition, an internationally recognized medical association specializing in nutrition. All Sprout recipes are prepared in collaboration with nutrition experts and its food philosophy is inspired by the life-long work of famous nutrition expert and physician, Dr. Michael Greger and his ‘Daily Dozen’ framework. 

With over a decade of experience in angel investing and mentoring startups, FA Holding supports companies that have the potential to positively impact society at scale. The portfolio includes more traditional investments in logistics and real estate, and early-stage investments in startups such as Calo, Spiber, and Sprout.

The newly raised funds will be used for the retail expansion of products and services.

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