Square Yards launches 3D Metaverse platform for Dubai Real Estate

Square Yards launches 3D Metaverse platform for Dubai Real Estate
Image Credits: Square Yards

Square Yards, one of the fastest growing proptech companies globally, has recently launched a 3D Metaverse platform that utilizes cutting-edge 3D, AI, VR, and AR technologies to enhance real estate search and discovery. 

Through a twin-map of Dubai, users can search from over 2000+ potential real estate projects across the city on an interactive 3D interface, get complete details of the project in question, and take a walk through the project as an Avatar.

Tanuj Shori, co-founder and CEO, Square Yards, said: “Imagine searching for properties to buy, sell and rent across Dubai in high-quality 3D at true scale, visit the project building in VR, walk around the amenities and interiors, and interact with residents and salespeople virtually. With the launch of our 3D metaverse platform, we are transposing real estate to a virtual realm, making it more experiential, immersive, and yet, easily accessible for the masses. Users can enjoy 3D virtual tours remotely and perceive accurate depictions of the property, that will create an emotional anchor to the space and encourage them to seal a deal at the end of the day.”

The metaverse product is buit with multiple data layers including maps, 3D content, transaction, listings, and project information. Each project building also consists of a sales center where users can enter inside, and navigate through the amenities, project, and interiors using their chosen avatar. They can also talk to dedicated sales representatives through voice conferencing.

Sunder Jagannathan, Principal Partner, Square Yards & Co-founder PropVR, said: “Square Yards’ metaverse tool will help architects, governments, and real estate developers to create a fully digital selling experience, as well as pave the path towards real estate industry’s Metaverse transformation.”

The 3D visualization platform is currently being tested among a closed group of users and real estate developers. Square Yards is working with developers in Dubai to integrate their upcoming launches into this ecosystem so that customers can buy, rent and sell properties digitally. The company also has plans to expand to other markets, including India, Canada, and Australia soon.

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